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A Better:


A soft elastic band around the neck that makes the polo significantly more comfortable to wear. A firmer collar that stays upright from wash cycle to wash cycle. We also decreased the height of the collar by 0.2 inches. Minor tweaks = major improvements.

A new:

Side Slit

Purely for increased athleticism.

Simply better:


Removing excess branding from the bulk of the shirt, leaving a focus on the design itself.

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Womens Polos

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We're working on bringing certain sizes back in stock. We had such a strong April, May, and now June, we didn't expect polos to fly off the shelves so quickly!!

Early July we're releasing 3 new designs and they will be ready for shipment. By end of July we'll have most, if not all, of our popular styles back in stock.

Thanks for checking out the brand.

Parth Kichloo

Founder & CEO